Be Present

Present. Aware. Focused.
These are words I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. Last week I made a commitment to start shutting my phone off for at least an hour each evening. I have to do this to be present. I’m a Twitter junkie, even worse…

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Stand Out

I was watching Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week because I like his name, and he played this game where he had a guy out on the street and they brought random people on camera and Kimmel had to guess if they were American or…

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A few years ago I read through the entire book of Psalms. I hit Psalm 13 and it hit back. I was in the middle of a very hard time, and I was pretty stressed. I was quickly reaching my limits and I knew it….

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Without Wax

Thousands of years ago, merchants and gypsies would travel from one marketplace to another carrying goods that they would sell for a living. The roads in those days, where there were roads, were rough. Long before the Roman road system that revolutionized long-distance travel, it…

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In case you missed this, here’s a video that was released by the three women who had been held captive in Cleveland for almost 10 years. Watch this, especially starting at the 1:55 mark:

I heard this clip on the radio on my way to Canton…

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Fraudulent Freedom

I was listening to the radio on my way to an appointment this morning and I heard something that was very thought provoking. I’m a talk radio junkie, and I was listening to a talk show host talk about Independence Day and freedom. He said,

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There’s a big fad going around right now, that started in the “cool, rad, hipster church” scene that God doesn’t want you to be religious.

WHAT THEY’RE TRYING TO SAY: God doesn’t want you to be so worried about rules and regulations, dos and don’ts, and the…

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It Is Finished

Six days.
You would think that creating everything, literally everything, in only six days would be hard work. No time for union breaks with that kind of schedule. The universe, all of the galaxies in existence, including our own. Planets. Sun. Moon. Stars. Water. Dry land….

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im·pact verb \im-ˈpakt\ - to have a direct effect or impact on.
Does your life have an impact? The things you care about, the things that break your heart, the things you want to see changed…are you doing something about those things? It’s not enough to just care. If your…

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Do you really love someone? Let’s see how you act toward that person.
We’ve all heard someone say “Love is an action” or “Love is a verb.” This is nothing new. Love is more than emotion. It’s more than attraction. It’s more than arousal. It’s more…

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