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I frequently speak at conferences, camps, and other events. If you’re interested in having me speak, I’d love to hear from you! Just send me an email at [email protected].


What People Are Saying….

“Jimmy is a great speaker and a great guy! He really came through for us! Not only did he do a great job on stage; he also made himself available to people off-stage and poured into our leaders in a workshop just for them. His down-to-earth manner, big-heart-on-display, and powerful teaching helped us make the weekend great!”

Lyle Baker, Ohio Teens For Christ Conference Chairman

“Jimmy was our speaker at a weekend retreat. We had prayed about what we thought our crowd needed to hear and learn. We then gave Jimmy the theme and he connected people to God’s Word and promises. He did a fantastic job of telling stories to bring the topic to life. We were grateful for his words, but also for his heart and attitude.”

Josh Miller, Tri-Village Christian Church