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7 Podcasts That Will Make You a Smarter, Better Leader

Some of the best free resources out there for growing and learning are podcasts. Over the past few years, as podcasts have grown in popularity, literally thousands of new podcasts have flooded the web. It can be exhausting sifting through them to find the really good...

Jesus May Not Calm Your Storm

What do you do when it starts raining and then it never stops? Somebody asked me that question yesterday. I was sitting across the table as this friend poured out the details of some really difficult things that are going on in his family right now. Really difficult...

Removing the Chaos

What if I told you that God doesn't want your life to be chaos? In the first week of our series studying through the book of Titus, we explored the idea that because God loves us, He has something better in mind for us than for our lives to be a stressful, chaotic...

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It’s Great to Meet You

I hope that something you find here is helpful and encouraging to you. If you’re looking for a speaker for an upcoming event, for organizational leadership coaching, or if there is another way I can help you, I’d love to hear from you!


I want to help you lead better so that your church or organization can grow. Help yourself to this collection of resources, on the house. 

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