Big 3 Quarterly Goals Worksheet – PDF



This is a PDF (non-editable) version of the Annual Performance Review form.

One of our staff values at First Christian Church is “We raise the bar.” We’re always looking for ways to be better at what we do, both collectively and individually. Part of our strategy behind that goal includes setting quarterly goals that move us toward success in our strategic plan for the year. Big 3 Quarterly Goal-Setting meetings are scheduled at the beginning of each quarter (January, April, July, October). Each Team Member meets 1:1 with their Team Leader to discuss and approve goals for the quarter.

These forms are distributed to Team Members two weeks prior to their Big 3 meeting. The Team Member is expected to complete and return the form no less than a day before their meeting so their Team Leader can review it and be prepared to discuss.

Goals are outlined on page 1 of the form. Page 2 includes several questions that are meant to spark conversation about the personal and professional health of the Team Member.

Font (file not included): CMG Sans

An editable version of this document is also available.

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