“The Story” Giveaway

One of the challenges most people face when starting out reading the Bible is getting through some of the “extra stuff” like long family histories, etc. Reading the Bible can be confusing and intimidating. That’s why I LOVE The Story by Max Lucado and Randy Frazee.

In The Story, they’ve taken selections from the NIV Bible and put them together to read more like a novel. It’s a GREAT way to start out reading the Bible, or even to read it in a new light if you’ve done it before.

I want to share this great book with you, so I’m giving away two hardcover copies of the book to readers of my blog. You can enter by (1) simply commenting on this post with your name and email address and/or (2) subscribing to my blog between now and 11:59pm EST on Monday, June 10. If you do both, you’ll be entered twice! (Please be sure that your name and email address are entered correctly so I can notify you if you win.) Winners will be randomly selected and posted here on my blog on Tuesday, June 11.

I’ll be doing giveaways like this periodically throughout the year, so if you want to be sure you don’t miss the chance to get some good free stuff, subscribe using the form at the top right of this page!

(For more on The Story, click here.)


  1. Angel Robison June 1, 2013 at 10:38 am

    All the extra diff makes me bored and makes it hard to understand the bible. I think that’s why I don’t read the word as much as I should. By the time I get to the end of the family list I have lost interest and want to close the bible. I know there is a purpose of this, but havent quit figured it out yet. Don’t get me wrong. I love the bible and enjoy reading it and learning how the world was created and how I’m suppose to live my life, but when I read some things, I just don’t get it.

  2. Michael Dawson June 4, 2013 at 9:08 am


    There is so much great stuff in the list of names, but for general reading purposes it is simply boring to muster through.I charted the names a few years ago and that was powerful for me to see the connections … that who the Israelites battle against often are their distant relatives from Abraham’s son Ishmael or Lot’s offspring from his two daughters. Keep plowing through or use a resource such as The Story. It has been a wonderful tool in our church.

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