Last Sunday at First Christian Church, I spoke about temptation and how Satan works to bring destruction in our lives. The message was based on Matthew 3:16-4:11. Here’s the video, as well as a few highlights and key thoughts from the message:


  • Jesus didn’t simply wander into the desert. The Bible makes it clear that he was led into the desert by the Spirit of God for the primary purpose of being tempted by Satan.
  • Jesus was tempted in three specific ways, all three of which had to do with his confidence in God. All three of these temptations are in the background of every single thing you will ever be tempted with in your life. They are:
    • The temptation to meet a legitimate need in an illegitimate way.
    • The temptation to take a shortcut.
    • The temptation to leverage and use God for our own purposes.
  • Satan’s most powerful attacks are aimed at our confidence and trust in God.
  • When Jesus came and died for our sin, he didn’t just come to pay for our sin. He came to free us from the power of sin. [Tweet This]
  • God came into this world through His Son Jesus, not to simply break the power of sin in terms of your eternity, but to break the power of sin in your life NOW. [Tweet this]
  • Satan can do no more than suggest. He doesn’t have the power to make you listen to him.
  • Being tempted is not a sin. (Hebrews 4:15)
  • Intentionality can overcome temptation.
  • Scripture is your best weapon against temptation.
  • There are three questions we have to wrestle with:
    • Do you trust God to provide for your physical needs?
    • Do you trust God’s timing?
    • Are you comfortable finding your identity not in who you are, but in who GOD SAYS you are?