If I asked you what your calling in life is, could you answer me clearly? Most people can’t, but the fact that more people than ever are openly searching for their calling is no secret. This search is materializing in a generational increase in “job hopping.” In fact, in a recent article Forbes Magazine called job hopping the “new normal” for millennials. What do they attribute this to?

So while Baby Boomers started working with an eye on gaining stability, raising a family, and “settling down,” today’s young workers take none of that for granted. Instead, as shown by Net Impact’s survey, they are more concerned than their predecessors with finding happiness and fulfillment in their work lives.

It’s not that the search for happiness and fulfillment is new, but what is changing is the number of people who are willing to pursue happiness and fulfillment at the cost of career stability.

But your calling goes deeper than your career choice. Your calling affects your professional life, your family life, your individual life. If you identify your calling, your ability to positively impact your community will increase exponentially.

Here are two simple questions to ask yourself to begin identifying your calling. Your calling may change, so ask these questions often and answer them honestly and patiently.

  1. What do you love to do so much that you would do it for free? That is where you will discover your giftedness.
  2. What keeps you up at night or wakes you up in the morning? That is where you’ll find your passion.

Your calling in life can be found at the intersection of your giftedness and your passion.

The ultimate question you must answer is, what risk are you willing to take to pursue your calling?