In less than two weeks, your streets will be flooded with kids (and parents) who are trick-or-treating. This is literally the one time of year that people you don’t know will be coming to your door, and it’s a perfect opportunity to live out your faith by being intentional with this opportunity to show them Jesus. Here are seven simple ways to take advantage of the opportunity to be on mission:

  1. Pray for opportunities to connect. Ask God to open doors for you to build relationships with your neighbors that can present you with opportunities to share your faith with them as you do life together.
  2. Open your door. Don’t wait for a knock…get ahead of the game and be welcoming! Make sure it’s obvious that you’re expecting guests so that they feel comfortable approaching your house.
  3. Greet them with a smile. Go out of your way to be friendly and warm. The best way to share your faith with someone in this particular moment isn’t to invite them to church; it’s to simply be kind.
  4. Give out good candy. It won’t be a secret for long where the really good loot can be found. Give out some good candy, and be generous.
  5. Have something for parents, too. I’m not talking about a tract or invitation to your church… I’m talking about hot chocolate, coffee, hot apple cider, or go crazy and buy Pumpkin Spice Lattes (warning: you’ll also go broke) or something else they can enjoy while they walk the neighborhood with their kids.
  6. Don’t just meet them on your front porch…invite them in. If you live in our part of the country, you know it will likely be cold out. Heck, this is northeast Ohio…the way our weather goes, it could be a polar vortex by then. Invite them into your entryway so they can have a few seconds to warm up.
  7. Go visit some people on your street. This is the only night of the year that it’s not super creepy for you to walk up to every house on your block and knock on the door. You’ll meet new people, and you just might even get some candy out of the deal.

Halloween is a perfect opportunity to be intentional about loving your neighbors. (Tweet this) You can shut your door and miss out, or you can leverage this unique opportunity to get to know new people in your community and let them see your faith IN and love FOR Jesus through your interaction with them.

What other ideas do you have to be intentional about the opportunity to love your neighbors this halloween? How will you take this opportunity to be on mission? Plan your strategy now and share your ideas.