Team Leadership

Proven team-builder, coach, and influencer. I love to help people understand their personal and professional wiring to help them grow and find their sweet spot as a part of a team.

Teaching & Communication

Experienced and gifted speaker, writer and communicator. I am passionate about delivering messages to audiences in a clear and understandable way.


Visionary leader, with a keen ability to visualize a preferred future, identify key action steps, and rally teams to pursue the vision and achieve the mission.

Strategic Planning

One of my favorite things is guiding teams through the process of developing strategic plans to accomplish mission, vision, and value goals.

Worship & Creative

Experienced worship leader, musician, audio technician. I’m a creative thinker, committed to excellence in planning and executing worship services and special events.

Marketing, Branding & Design

Well-versed in excellent, clean, effective marketing and communication via online/social and print media streams.