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I was watching Jimmy Kimmel Live earlier this week because I like his name, and he played this game where he had a guy out on the street and they brought random people on camera and Kimmel had to guess if they were American or if they were a “foreigner.” He tried to do this…

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Do you really love someone? Let’s see how you act toward that person. We’ve all heard someone say “Love is an action” or “Love is a verb.” This is nothing new. Love is more than emotion. It’s more than attraction. It’s more than arousal. It’s more than sentiment. It’s more than a song on the…

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What one thing makes the difference between success and failure winning and losing positive and negative outlook on life achieving your goals and giving up on them? The difference is made in who you surround yourself with. The key is in who you give permission to speak into your life. You have a circle of…

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What a great reminder that every person on this planet has talent and potential if only someone provides them with the opportunity and loves and believes in them enough to help them reach it. Jodi is an inspiration to all of us to work hard to accomplish our goals and not settle for “just ok.” This…

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