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A few years ago I read through the entire book of Psalms. I hit Psalm 13 and it hit back. I was in the middle of a very hard time, and I was pretty stressed. I was quickly reaching my limits and I knew it. Then I read the first verse of Psalm 13. “Oh…

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Hostage, Part 2: Bitterness

Some of my favorite movies are revenge movies. “Punisher,” “Max Payne,” “A Man Apart,” “Out of Time,” pretty much all of the “Batman” movies, and on and on…there are thousands. Something about a story where someone is wronged and then their hurt leads them to get revenge is completely attractive to us. Probably because we…

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Dying to Live

If you’ve ever felt like certain parts of Jesus’ message seem conflicting, you’re definitely not alone. The most confusing thing to many people is the idea of dying to live. In John 10, Jesus is warning His followers to be careful to not get dragged away by sin and temptation. In verse 10, He says,…

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