Removing the Chaos

What if I told you that God doesn’t want your life to be chaos? In the first week of our series studying through the book of Titus, we explored the idea that because God loves us, He has something better in mind for us than for our lives to be a stressful, chaotic mess.

Follow and Obey

God created each of us for a unique purpose and wired us up to do something great that only we can do. By following and obeying His leading we get to experience the freedom and fulfillment of living with purpose. But that can be scary, because God’s call always leads us out of our comfort zone….

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Living a Better Story in 2015

A few weeks ago I shared some thoughts on moving forward, making wise choices, and positioning yourself for God to work in your life in 2015. Sidenote: If you want to skip the “celebrations” and statistics from the past year at FCC and get right to the point, fast forward to about the 7:45 mark….

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