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Messy Jesus

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always had a very particular perception of Jesus. I don’t think my version of Jesus was shaped by any particular person or event more than any other. Just years and years of filtering and layering and processing that have all worked together to create a finished product…

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It Is Finished

Six days. You would think that creating everything, literally everything, in only six days would be hard work. No time for union breaks with that kind of schedule. The universe, all of the galaxies in existence, including our own. Planets. Sun. Moon. Stars. Water. Dry land. Animals. Birds. People. That’s a long to-do list for…

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Hostage, Part 2: Bitterness

Some of my favorite movies are revenge movies. “Punisher,” “Max Payne,” “A Man Apart,” “Out of Time,” pretty much all of the “Batman” movies, and on and on…there are thousands. Something about a story where someone is wronged and then their hurt leads them to get revenge is completely attractive to us. Probably because we…

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Can I be honest with you? I absolutely can’t stand some of the cute little well-intentioned but poorly-executed phrases in the “Christian” vocabulary. I don’t know where so many of these catchphrases came from, but we need to lose a lot of them. Sometimes when I hear someone say one, I have to laugh to…

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